We are all born as artists;

born with a creative force and the ability to imagine the impossible and the sublime. Along the way, some step off the artist’s path but it remains within us, an enduring ember of potential. 

No matter where my own path has taken me, the journey has always led home - to my land, culture, origins, heritage... to my community. This is where I find the truest expression of myself and my art.  

In both my artistic practice and thinking process, I gravitate towards the themes of memory and time, exploring their polarities and the infinite space of mystery between them. A lifelong diarist, my journals have been in themselves part of my creative process; a dwelling place for my ideas, experiments, observations and interactions. These evolve together through time as my own perspective as an artist continues to shift.

As I continue on this journey, moving enthusiastically through unknown places, I invite you to join me through a series of unfolding patterns in thinking and in making.

Making Models (Part 1): a fictional conversation between the maker and another

9 December 2019

OTHER: What is this? What are you doing?

MAKER: (Sitting at a desk, head down, hands tinkering) I’m making a model!

OTHER: A model of what?

MAKER: (Head down, complete focus, hands still tinkering, silence for 5 sec.) I have a vision of something that’s not yet in focus. And so I’m making…so it reveals itself…so I can see!

OTHER: What’s guiding you?

MAKER: My intuition

OTHER: What is intuition?

MAKER: A voice inside…My release…

My First Miniature

2 October 2019

I remember a moment in time, when a charming bird appeared, arousing my curiosity as a child. It was sitting inside a display unit at an international bazaar in Amman, so small, yet so large with its elegant pose. This bird is still around and is the first miniature object I ever collected and kept.

Sometimes I ponder the question of why I collect certain objects. Today, I see how collecting has shaped the multitudes I contain within and without me.

Photography: © Ayla Hibri 2019